Let No Veneers Be Broken This Day

Veneers are thin, porcelain covers made for your front teeth, and they are made to look like your the teeth they cover but in their ideal condition. They can help you with front teeth that are discolored, chipped or spaced too far from each other. Overall, they help your smile to look more perfect and appealing.

In order for veneers to work for you, you need to be aware of some things so you can keep them from breaking. Veneers are about as prone to breakage as your natural teeth, which is a bit easier than it may sound.

As always, you need to be careful of what you eat. Be aware of hard foods, or your veneers may suffer an accident, leaving you to get them replaced. Be especially careful not to chew on ice. Ice is not meant for your natural teeth to bite into, and teeth with veneers are no exception. This is not to say you cannot let the ice melt in your mouth if you enjoy the chilling effect. As you remember not to apply pressure to it with your teeth, you should be okay.

Also, be aware of what non-food items you put in your mouth. We know it feels simple and easy to use your teeth like scissors when opening a plastic bag, but this can put your veneers and natural teeth at risk. You can try this simple suggestion as a rule of thumb: if it is not technically made for your mouth, you probably do not want to chew it.

As you exercise caution with your veneers and natural teeth, you can help them continue to make your smile something worth showing. If anything does happen to them, you can get them replaced here at Shannon M. Pye, DMD in Walterboro, South Carolina. If you do not have veneers, you can ask our dentist, Dr. Shannon Pye, more about them and what they can do for you. To get in touch with us, please dial 843-549-5913.

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