Teeth Whitening

Dr. Shannon Pye offers take-home teeth whitening to help you improve the appearance of your teeth and achieve a more radiant smile. With take-home teeth whitening, you can enhance your smile on your own schedule and in the comfort of your home. Call us today at 843-549-5913 to learn more about our take-home teeth whitening in Walterboro, South Carolina, and to set up an appointment with our skilled dentist!

Teeth whitening is a simple and highly effective cosmetic treatment to remove stains and discolorations, and to brighten your smile. If you are looking for a quick and effective way to touch up your smile, then take-home teeth whitening is the solution for you!

Your teeth may become dull or stained over time for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • The natural aging process
  • Foods and drinks that stain
  • Smoking and other forms of tobacco usage
  • Illness
  • Medications
  • Fluorosis

When you visit our office, our dentist will take an impression of your teeth and create custom whitening trays. We will provide you with a powerful whitening gel, which you will place in the whitening trays to improve the color of your teeth. You may wear the trays during the day or at night, and after a few weeks, you should see an improvement in the color of your teeth. Our dentist will also work with you to determine the frequency and length of time you should wear your whitening trays in order to achieve the results you desire.

We recommend that you practice good oral hygiene to help maintain your newly-brightened smile. Brushing and flossing regularly will help keep your teeth clean, healthy, and free from discolorations and stains.

For more information about take-home teeth whitening, and to set up your appointment with our dentist, contact our office today.

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