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Poor oral hygiene habits and failing to attend your regularly scheduled dental checkups can cause a significant amount of hardened tartar to accumulate on your teeth near the gumline. As it persists the constant bacterial presence can lead to gingivitis, periodontitis and other gum disease complications.

A dentist like Dr. Shannon Pye might recommend a complete denture for patients who have a significant number of missing or compromised teeth. In a case like this he might suggest extracting your remaining teeth to prepare your gum structure.

The removable dental appliance will be designed to replicate the basic appearance and function of your natural teeth. The base will be formed from a special pink material that closely matched the appearance of your gums. It will closely match the curvature and contours of your existing oral structure to allow for a comfortable and firm fit in your mouth.

For the first few weeks after the extraction procedure, you might want to stick to a diet of softer foods. In time your gums will adapt to their new relationship with the base of your denture. Some denture users also like to apply a small line of denture adhesive when they install the unit each morning to help lock it in place and block out stray food particles.

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